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East End

 East End
Start Date: November 16, 2016 End Date: November 16, 2016

At the easternmost tip of Grand Cayman lies the district of East End. It is one of the most untouched areas in the Cayman Islands with picturesque views of fishing and dive boats, Silver Thatch palms and sparkling blue seas.

Along the coast leading to the village from George Town are the Blow Holes where sea water is forced through holes in the iron shore to create natural geyser-like fountains.

East End is also home to several old shipwrecks, fragments of which can still be seen from shore. To the east of the village is the Wreck of the Ten Sails Park, commemorating the spot along the reef where a legendary shipwreck took place in 1794. The wreck area can also be viewed from the lighthouse, built in 1937. An older lighthouse stands a few feet away.

Find traditional cottages and small stores that offer all kinds of local goods from heavy cake to Silver Thatch work.

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