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Most of the Festival events are held outdoors in the centre of the Country’s capital. Most downtown business are wheelchair accessible. Parking is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. Note: There is limited seating available.


The Cayman Islands offers visitors many choices of accommodations with a variety of fine hotels, condos, private homes and guest houses available for rent all over the islands. Whether you prefer the quiet seclusion of the east and north coasts, or the busier Seven Mile Beach area of Grand Cayman, you'll find something to suit your needs.

A Government board of control monitors all the various establishments and regulations ensure that your accommodations will be clean, safe and worth the price.

Given the growing popularity of the Festival, it's advisable to make reservations early as hotel rooms are in short supply during the run of the Festival, as are rental cars. For reservation information call the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism on 1-800-346-3313 or visit their website at

Is Pirate Fest free?

Many of the major events are free, such as the Fireworks Show, the Pirate Landing, the Float Parades, the three harbour-side Street Dances, the Teen Dance and the Children's Fun Day. Heritage Day functions are free during the day but some night-time events begin at CI$5/US$6. For most sporting events, participation fees begin at CI$25/US$30

Can I purchase alcohol at the festival?

Yes. Bars are situated in several areas throughout the festival location. You must be 18+ and you must present a valid photo ID.

Are ATM’s available in the area?

Yes there are three major banks in the area; Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank and Butterfield Bank. Please note that food and bar vendors accept cash only.

Are bicycles allowed on the Festival grounds?

Bicycles are allowed for transportation to the event site, however within the event street closure cyclists must walk with their bikes. The event site is very crowded with pedestrians, including small children. Do not leave your bicycle unattended and do not lock to private or government property.


There is a list of items that are restricted from importing into the Cayman Islands. Please click the link below to find out what you cannot bring into the islands.  Illegal items can mean arrest and prosecution by local authorities. 

Travellers are asked to declare any replica guns and swords as “for use in the participation of the Pirates Week Festival”.

Pirates Week Festival Office Contact Details

Telephone: 345-949-5078 or 345-949-5859
Physical Address: 10 Shedden Road, upstairs behind the National Museum
Mailing address: P.O. Box 51, Grand Cayman KY1-1101 CAYMAN ISLANDS

Currently no details are available.

Currently no details are available.


Boaters are welcome to be a part of the annual Pirates Landing (invasion). Feel free to drive your vessel to the Hog Sty Bay to watch the festivities from the water. However, docking space is very limited. 

The Royal Cayman Islands Marine Unit is on hand to guide and assist boaters during the festivities. With permission from the RCIPS you may be able to offload passengers at the south terminal and immediately leave the area returning to the designated mooring area just off the south terminal and cargo dock.


2017 firework displays will be held on four occasions: 

  • The annual opening held on Friday 10th November evening. 
  • The finale event held on the Monday 13th November evening. 
  • At both Sister Islands’ post parade festivities (see schedule for dates and times).


All the evening events feature cuisine from local restaurants and traditional Caymanian dishes. There are over 50 food, beverage and novelty vendors located throughout the event site for your convenience. We ask that you support our officially licensed vendors. 

All food vendors are certified through the Department of Environmental Health and all dishes are well prepared and served in convenient take-away containers. The prices are reasonable (approximately CI$15/US$18). The Food Festival is just off the waterfront (Harbour Drive) along Shedden Road. 

Soft drinks, water and traditional fruit juices can be found at the food festival. Bars (for alcoholic beverages) are in several areas throughout the festival location


The downtown activities are within 5-10 minutes' driving from most hotels in the Seven Mile Beach area. Taxi service to any evening function should be arranged in advance as they can be difficult to get at night. Some bus service is also available; ask for assistance at your hotel or condo.


There are three local Pirate Krewes:


Onsite, lost items may be turned over to the nearest police officer or to any event volunteer staff. After the event, lost items may be retrieved by calling the Pirates Week Festival Office on 345-949-5078.


Lost children should be reported to and/or turned over to the nearest police officer or event volunteer staff. If you have lost your child you can also make your way to the stage to ask the emcee’s assistance in locating them. Please note: Pirates Week does not encourage the inclusion of children at any night-time events after 8:00pm.


Due to safety concerns, it is strongly advised that event guests limit movement along the road side while the parade is in process. Children must be kept away from the road side. The Royal Cayman Islands Police will be on hand to lead the parade and has the right to remove anyone who is moving about in an unsafe manner. Crossing should only occur when there is a break in the parade and with the guidance of the RCIPS.


People interested in joining the landing and the parade can contact the Pirates Week Festival Office by email to make their interest known. Staff will do their best to accommodate those persons. However, feel free to join in the back of the parade as it passes by.


If you are a Caymanian or have a legitimate Work Permit to be employed as a musician in the Cayman Islands, feel free to send your contact information, a photograph of yourself or your band, a short bio of yourself or your band along with audio or video links of your performances to the email address


Due to the size of the event, pets (except for animals assisting the disabled) are prohibited at Pirates Week. The Pirate Pooch Parade (see fundraising events) was created to give pets and pet parents the opportunity to strut their stuff and to be included in the National Festival. This event is held as a fundraiser for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.


Get your costumes, hats, boot tops, hooks, swords and other novelty items at the Pirates Week Festival Gift Shop. There you can also find the Official Pirates Week Souvenir T-shirt.

The shop is located on 10 Shedden Road, upstairs behind the National Museum and is open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturdays 10am-3pm (seasonal). Call 345-949-5078 for more information or email


The Pirates Landing (invasion) is a now four-decade tradition where international and local pirate krewes “land” at the Hog Sty Bay in a real pirate vessel seeking to “pillage and plunder” the Cayman Islands for the period of the festival. 

The tradition is that the Governor of the Cayman Islands (who often takes part in the pageant) is taken captive. The British Army (Red Coats) will eventually overcome the “scourge” and take back the island but only after several days of revelry and celebration takes place.

The “invasion of the pirates” marks the commencement of the annual float parade which begins immediately after the landing pageant.


Unless licensed, permitted and identified in writing by Event Staff, the following items are prohibited within the event site:

  • Coolers – Note: Small soft-sided cooler and lunch bags are permitted for childcare needs and medical needs only.
  • Unofficial contests or lotteries of any kind
  • Unofficial grills of any kind
  • Unofficial tents of any sort
  • Fence, stakes or rope (used by spectators to reserve space for parade viewing)
  • Unofficial selling any product or service
  • Vehicles of any sort
  • Weapons of any sort (except for replica items)
  • Illegal drugs of any sort

What happens if it rains?

The pirates will invade and the parade will march on even in the rain! However, if there is a dangerous weather situation during the event, that threatens the safety of Pirates Week participants or guests, Pirates Week Festival staff reserve the right to cancel the parade.


Restrooms are in several areas throughout the event. Signs will be posted guiding the way. If you're not sure about something, ask our volunteers in the yellow/orange shirts – they will be happy to help.


Contact the Pirates Week Festival Office on 345-949-5078 or email to make donations (cash and in kind are welcome). If you would like to become and event sponsor, click here

Currently no details are available.

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, strollers are allowed.

Currently no details are available.


Wear your best pirate costume (or casual clothes and comfortable footwear will do.)

Bring your camera, you never know who you will meet along the way.

Cherish the memories and friendships you make forever.


To register as a food, beverage, food truck or novelty vendor, contact the Pirates Week Festival Office before 31st August. If you are registering as a food vendor, you must submit a valid DEH Food Handler’s Certificate for every person who will be handling the food items.


There are many opportunities to volunteer for the Pirates Week Festival. Most volunteers will receive an official t-shirt and some volunteers will receive meals (depends on hours and areas worked). Any volunteer who exceeds 40 hours will receive a reference letter on request. Click here to sign up.

Call us: +1(345) 949-5859 or +1(345) 949-5078
Contact Details

Pirates Week Office,
10 Shedden Road,
P.O. Box 5,
Grand Cayman KY1-1101,
Cayman Islands

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